Our Vision

Drs. Ann and Ray Jarris have been working on developing the concept of Discovery Health since 2015. Both share strong interest and experience in remote medicine and are committed to the improving the health and welfare of mariners. They have recruited a team of experts in maritime medicine with over 15 decades of collective experience. As a team of emergency physicians, nurses, and staff, Discovery Health is poised to become the leading provider of medical support services for the maritime industry. 

After numerous leaders in the industry approached them and asked for them to reengage as a medical advisor, they felt a call to duty. This has become a very personal pursuit for both Ray and Ann in that Ray’s youngest daughter is a 3rd year cadet at California Maritime Academy and Ann’s close family member is the chief mate on a commercial fishing vessel based in Seattle. Additionally, Ray has over 100 days at sea as a medical officer with Quark Expeditions in both the Arctic and Antarctic. The experience and insights gained have better helped them understand the sense of isolation that vessel officers and their crew experience in a medical emergency at sea and the importance of having dedicated, passionate, and knowledgeable providers readily available.